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Why direct:action:

Climate collapse, war and a shift to the right: in a time of multiple crises, established organisations and structures are reaching the limits of their ability to act. It is often small initiatives and spontaneous alliances that are able to develop viable concepts. We use our experience from complex projects to ensure that courageous ideas do not fail due to small hurdles.

Who we are:

We bring ships onto the water and aeroplanes into the air, we bring people and ideas together. We have set up organisations such as Sea-Watch and #LeaveNoOneBehind, carried out complex projects such as the Kabul Luftbrücke and provided aid in Syria and Ukraine. We were part of movements such as the See Brücke and drew international attention to our concerns with media campaigns. Again and again we lacked the necessary infrastructure, time and again we were told „it won’t work anyway“. We have tried, we have made mistakes, we have learnt. We want to pass on this experience. We form bonds because we know that bold ideas can only be realised together.

What we do:

We support bold ideas and wild thoughts. Because the best idea doesn’t work without the necessary infrastructure and anyone who wants to take risks needs support. Whether it’s about quickly founding an association and becoming capable of acting, security concepts in humanitarian missions, crisis communication when something goes wrong or convincing as many people as possible: we use our experience to make it as easy as possible for progressive initiatives to realise their projects and ideas. We advise on organisational development, help with setting up the necessary infrastructure and provide support during operations. We fail and rethink. We are looking for supporters with whom we can be successful together.

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Here you will find our offers on how we can support you or your initiative:

direct action

*101 stands for the first course in the first year of college and is slang for basic knowledge and introductory material on a specific topic. We summarise tips & tricks on various topics here in short online workshops and handouts, because new initiatives don’t have to repeat old mistakes and it’s also quicker and safer this way.

activists train

Consultancy firms are expensive and often unfamiliar with the needs and workings of grassroots initiatives. At the same time, consulting would often be useful to avoid mistakes and move forward more efficiently. Those who could do this best are other activists who have already been in similar situations. However, they often have little time and money. We match projects & experienced activists and finance project support that benefits both sides.


We are also happy to put together customised consulting or training offers. We offer our training programmes to young initiatives on a pro bono basis according to capacity, which we finance through commissions from established NGOs.

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    Manchmal sind es einfache Lösungen, die einen weiter bringen

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    So ist das häufig – pragmatische Lösungen bringen Projekte nach vorn.